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Bubble Woods Unblocked

What is it?

Bubble Woods is a funny video game. In the game, you shoot colourful balls to destroy others and get points as high as you can. Good luck to you!

Bubble Woods's gameplay

Mission: When participating in this game, you have the task of controlling a tower full of bubbles. With your bubble gun, you will prevent the tower from collapsing by shooting at it. Bubbles of the same colour, when combined together, will explode and bring you points. In a period of 60 seconds, the more bubbles you destroy, the higher your score. Thanks to that, you will also receive many incentives.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the game.

Power-ups in The Game

Bubble Woods allows players to use power-ups to achieve their goals more easily. You can buy hourglasses, colourful balls, bombs, etc. When playing the game, if you hit and collect the hourglass, you will receive 3 extra seconds to play Bubble Woods. Meanwhile, the multicoloured ball will help you change the colour of an area into a single colour, helping you easily shoot them down.

To own these power-ups, you need to use coins to buy before starting the game. In addition, power-ups will only be unlocked and used when you reach higher levels as required by the game.