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About Freddy's Chronicles

Freddy's Chronicles is an engaging and fun horror game. Your mission is to help Freddy bear collect items and escape through the emergency door.

Based on the original Five Nights At Freddy's game, another horror game has been developed. However, this game will be more fun and less scary but no less dramatic. In the game, security guards can observe the animatronics through security cameras. As an animatronics named Freddy, your mission is to collect all the tapes so that security staff do not discover your presence.

Tutorial to Play Freddy's Chronicles

Collect the tapes

As mentioned above, your main task is to collect tapes. However, this will not be simple because they are placed in different locations. Furthermore, you need to find all the tapes and leave now before running out of energy. If you run out of energy and you still haven't completed the mission in Freddy's Chronicles, your animatronic will collapse and be discovered. That means your mission has failed.

The game has many levels with increasing difficulty. The higher the levels, the more diverse and more difficult the challenges. Therefore, you also need to have reasonable strategies and understand how to play the game to avoid failure:

  • Left/right arrow keys to navigate.
  • Up key to jump.
  • Down key to exit (When the exit is green).

Skins in Freddy's Chronicles

In addition to collecting batteries for energy and tapes to unlock the door, collecting pizza pieces is also very important. You can use them to unlock new skins for your Freddy. If you have ever played FNAF World, you will definitely know animatronics like Foxxy, Chica, Bonnie, Springtrap, etc. This time, they will also appear in Freddy's Chronicles. However, to unlock and use these skins, you need to collect the required number of pizzas. Good luck!