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About One Night At Freddy's

What is this game?

One Night At Freddy's is a suspenseful horror game. As Freddy Fazbear, your mission is to scare the guards before the flashlight runs out of power.

What happens in One Night At Freddy's?

If in the game Five Nights At Freddy's you played as a security officer in a pizzeria, the opposite happens in this new game. You are a possessed robot looking to cause harm to the nightly security of Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria. You are the main man himself, Freddy Fazbear!

Missions In One Night At Freddy's

You must roam the pizzeria and slowly make your way up towards the guards' office before the clock strikes 6 am, or u run out of charge.
However, this task will not be so easy. There are safety measures put in place to prevent such things from happening. To complete the goal, which is to raise the guards' "panic" to lower their focus and speed, as this will make it possible for u to sneak into their office.

In One Night At Freddy's, the main way to increase the guard's panic is to reveal yourself on their camera, marked by a yellow light chuckle like the monster you are. Taking that opportunity, you will sneak into the security officer's surveillance room and complete the mission.


  • Use the WASD to move.
  • Press E to distract.

Tips For Playing Game

  • Additionally, if finding the guard's current camera seems to be too much of a task for you, there are many distractions strewn around the pizzeria that will not only up the guard's Panic but also make them focus on other things, i.e., make them check their cameras allow you to sneak into their office.
  • However, these distractions are not common and occasionally spawn around the Pizzeria, represented as green markers.
  • In One Night At Freddy's game, activate distractions by pressing "E".
  • Finally, your battery. It's quite simple: the more you move, the more it depletes.
  • However, if you do feel you are in need of time and have the battery charged for it, you can hold "Left Shift" to Sprint.
  • Once you've finally raised the guard's panic enough, you can begin to make our attempts to enter his office; why this won't be, the higher their panic, the increased odds of you slipping in.