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Welcome to Mighty Knight 2, which is an engaging action game. The world needs your help to fight the evil power. Will you lend us your hand?

Mighty Knight 2 - Description

We are honoured to introduce a new action game to gamers. This game promises to keep you entertained for hours without getting bored. In Mighty Knight 2 game, the world you live in is under attack by evil forces. They are a very powerful but sinister army with soldiers and monsters too. As a hero, you will cooperate with other heroes to confront them.

Tutorial to Play Mighty Knight 2

Guide to fight

As mentioned above, you need to confront a lot of enemies. With weapons in hand, you will attack to destroy them. However, you also need defense to protect yourself. If the enemies are too crowded, you can move away from them and approach gradually to avoid taking too much damage. In Mighty Knight 2, you need to pay attention to the HP bar. When the player's HP bar runs out, that person will be defeated. To complete the mission, you need to survive!

How to control:

  • Use the WASD or arrow key to move.
  • Press J to attack.
  • Press K and L to use the strength.

Some notes

When playing Mighty Knight 2, players can upgrade their character's strength stats to help the hero become stronger and more powerful. Thanks to this, the ability to defeat evil will be significantly increased. In addition, when you can unlock a teammate, accompany him to battle. After all, 2 people will always be better than 1 person. Your teammates can help you a lot.

Besides, players should also clearly understand the creatures in the game, whether they are friends or enemies. Thanks to that, you will understand what they are capable of and have a reasonable strategy to play the game. For example:

  • Netherghost: A helpful friend from the netherworld. Poke them to get supportive items.


  • Amphibian Scout: A tiny half-fish frog-like creature. Don't worry. It still doesn't know how to jump
  • Primitive: Living deep in the forest makes them so wild. Beware of flying spears!
  • Darke Witch: A low-experience apprentice of dark arts. Somehow, their magic hurts for sure.

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