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Drift Boss Unblocked

About the game

Drift Boss is a game that challenges your driving skills. On the racetrack, control your car to drift and balance to conquer the furthest distance possible.

Are you a big fan of driving games? You will love the feeling of accompanying your car on challenging roads. With your car, enjoy breathtaking drifts and wind-breaking sounds in the famous game Drift Boss.

How to play

The racetrack in the game is extremely challenging because it often has turns. Meanwhile, the track is relatively narrow. If you do not have good drifting ability, your car will probably fall out, leading to mission failure.

As long as you can master your car, you can conquer Drift Boss's race. At that time, try to conquer the distance as far as possible because that is your opportunity to collect a lot of coins. Thanks to that, your achievements in the game also increase significantly and help you thoroughly enjoy the game features.

Controls: Click and hold the mouse to drift.

Drift Boss's Shop

At the game's store, you can use the coins you collect to unlock cars. There are many cars in the game for you to choose from, such as Santa car, Squid Game car, train, supercar, sportscars, etc. As long as you have enough coins, you can own them. In addition, you can also own more by getting cards.

Coins in Drift Boss also have another interesting use. You can use them to upgrade before entering the race. Players can upgrade the car, double score, or coin rush. These attractive features of the game will definitely not disappoint you. Join the game now at Five Nights At Freddy's gaming web.