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Welcome to FNAF Shooter game! Are you ready for a fierce survival battle? The toys are rioting in the night, and will you destroy them for the right to survive?

About FNAF Shooter

Do you remember the game FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's)? Today we will continue with a completely different version in this famous game series. Still playing the role of a security officer of the Pizzaria, but in FNAF Shoote, you will be equipped with advanced weapons to completely destroy these dangerous animatronics.

FNAF Shooter Unblocked

This time, notice the danger of those animatronics in the pizza shop. The store owner decided to hire a security officer who could help them destroy these degenerate toys. They will show their true nature at night. Therefore, your work will be done and completed during the night.

No more sitting in a security room and watching cameras to keep an eye on them. Now, you are equipped with guns and other weapons like grenades. Your mission is to search throughout the pizzeria to destroy these toys. But they have a lot of teammates. Can you destroy them all?

Tips for playing FNAF Shooter

How to control

  • Mouse - Look around
  • WASD - Movement
  • W + SHIFR - Run
  • Left-click - Shoot
  • Right-click: Aim
  • Mouse wheel - Next/ Leading weapons
  • 1-7 - Weapons Hotkeys
  • R - Reload
  • F - Knife Attack
  • G - Throw a grenade
  • T - Inspect the weapons

Buy new guns

Owning new guns will be quite beneficial for you. Because those guns of FNAF Shooter all have better destructive power than the default gun you receive. Players can unlock sniper guns which can shoot at longer ranges and do greater damage. Meanwhile, machine guns will help you shoot at a faster speed. Shotguns help you destroy targets at short range, etc.

Each type of gun has different features and applications. If you unlock them all and try them out, you will find the gun that best suits you. At that time, conquering the challenges of the FNAF Shooter game is no longer a problem!