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What is Granny?

Granny is a creepy horror game. In the game, your mission is to find a way to escape Granny's haunted house without making any sound. Are you ready?

In 2017, DVloper announced this game to gamers. The game at that time caused a huge buzz because of its perfection as a horror game. To participate in this game, you need to be truly confident, calm and always ready to confront scary situations. In the game, you wake up in an extremely scary haunted house. And that is Ganny's house. It was extremely old and had scary scars with red blood stains everywhere. Can you escape this scary, shabby place?

Granny Unblocked Game


You have to get out of the house! You only have 5 attempts. All you need is to be quiet. She hears everything and remembers that Granny is so crazy... She doesn't like disobedient children, and at the slightest noise, she will immediately search to find the person making that noise. If she catches you, it will end badly for you. Every time you get caught by grandma or her trap, you lose a day and wake up the next night in bed. Remember, you only have five days to escape!


  • WASD - Move
  • E - Use subjects
  • C - Crouch
  • R - Hide
  • Spacebar - Drop subject
  • Hold F - Break beartrap

Tips for playing Granny

  • Don't make any sounds. Granny hears everything
  • Remember that when subjects falling make a sound, hide them under beds, in closets and chests
  • You have 5 additional attempts to view ads
  • Better to play with headphones for more immersion
  • Granny has good ears but is quite stupid and easily fooled. Therefore, you can intentionally drop objects in one place but quickly run to another place to distract her.

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