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What is Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle

Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle is a puzzle game that is so exciting. In the game, you need to pour colored liquids so that each tube contains a unique color.

Prepare to be mesmerized by Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle, a captivating game that blends serene visuals with brain-teasing challenges. Dive into a world of vibrant liquids and strategic sorting, where tranquility meets mind-bending gameplay.

Guide To Playing Sort It - Water Sort Puzzle


Imagine a game where colorful liquids fill test tubes, begging to be arranged in harmonious perfection. That's the essence of Sort It. Each level presents you with a set of tubes containing multicoloured liquids. Your task? Simply sort them, ensuring each tube holds only one color, creating a visually stunning and satisfying solution. It's deceptively simple yet surprisingly addictive, offering a unique blend of relaxation and mental stimulation.


  • Select a tube and tap another to pour the top liquid into it. But remember, you can only pour onto another liquid of the same color and with enough space in the receiving tube.
  • Plan your moves carefully. Reckless pouring can lead to chaotic mixes, making the puzzle even trickier.
  • Anticipate future moves and visualize the end result. This is where the true challenge lies!
  • Don't worry about making mistakes. The game offers unlimited undo and reset options, allowing you to experiment freely.
  • Take your time, savor the calming visuals, and lose yourself in the meditative flow of sorting.

Tips to Conquer Sort It

  • Begin with easier levels to grasp the mechanics and build your confidence.
  • Prioritize filling tubes from the bottom up, creating more space for future moves.
  • Focus on isolating single-colored liquids in separate tubes first. This simplifies the overall puzzle.
  • Plan several moves ahead, considering the impact of each pour on the entire layout.
  • Some levels offer additional tubes as a safety net. Use them strategically to create temporary holding spaces.
  • Remember, it's a puzzle, not a race. Take breaks, clear your head, and approach it with a fresh perspective.

Where to play the game?: You can play it on Five Nights At Freddy's gaming web.