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Ninja Painter is an arcade game. If you want to get out of the room and continue to improve your skills, you must paint according to the specified colours.

Guide to Play Ninja Painter

In the game, you will transform into a ninja, with the task of painting the rooms in the house. Mooic rooms are all designed differently, so the challenges are also divided into many levels.

As long as you can paint all the marked boxes in the room, your mission is successful. And vice versa, if your ninja is thrown out of the room, you fail. Players need to note that they need to paint the correct colour as required. Whatever colour the parts are painted, you will paint that colour. And the door to the dining room will only open when your service has been completed. Good luck.

Controls: The player uses arrow keys to control the ninja.

Some Features in The Game

  • The game has a total of 30 different levels. They are divided into 3 levels: easy, normal and hard, corresponding to Village, Town, and big city. The levels are clearly divided and the difficulty increases gradually with each level.
  • In addition, each level when you play Ninja Painter has 3 golden stars. It would be great if you collected all the stars before getting out of the room and moving on to higher levels.
  • If a player wants to paint a certain colour, they need to collect the paint bucket of that colour first. Then, when you go to the designated painting location, your ninja will automatically paint according to game requirements. Your mission in Ninja Painter is to use reasonable strategy and logical thinking to quickly master the game.

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