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What is Down The Hill?

Down The Hill is an attractive game that you should try. From the top of the hill, your task is to move smartly to reach as far as possible.

It is an attractive arcade game. It is a fast-paced action game, a thoughtful strategy puzzle, or a collaborative adventure full of surprises. It all depends on your imagination and the creative vision you bring to the game.

Mastering Down The Hill


Players can jump down hills, competing in speed or accuracy. It is important that you jump down to the appropriate boxes if you don't want the game to stop. Grass squares are safe, while you will not be able to pass through squares with trees. Besides, the hill of Down The Hill has a lot of resources, both beneficial and harmful.

Players can collect hearts to receive a bonus life or diamonds that will help you trade in the game's store. In addition, players need to be really careful with dangers such as sharp spikes, rocks, or vehicles moving on hills like cars. If you are not careful and move into cells with them, you will be eliminated immediately.

Controls: Players use the left and right arrow keys to move left or right.

Down The Hill's store

If you want to change the character that represents you, immediately visit the game store to choose a character. This can be considered an outstanding feature of the Down The Hill game. In addition to K.Seel, you can accompany Piggy, Superboy, Batboy, Pengy, or King Bob, etc. Each character requires players to spend a certain amount of diamonds to own. The later the characters, the higher the value.

This is an attractive and colourful arcade game. But if you want to enjoy another horror game to test your courage, you can try Five Nights At Freddy's.