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Welcome to Zombie Shooter 3D, an online horror game! You have to face a lot of zombies who are causing chaos in the whole city. Can you defeat them?

Zombie Shooter 3D Unblocked


The zombie virus is spreading more and more. Now, the only person left in the whole city is you who have not been infected with the dangerous virus. Therefore, it is your duty to stop its spread. So, how can you do it?

These zombies are extremely cruel and bloodthirsty. You will be equipped with advanced weapons so you can confidently confront them. Destroy any zombies as soon as you encounter them. That is the key for you to quickly complete the task. Remember, there are a lot of zombies walking around the city, and your mission will only be completed when you have destroyed them all. Good luck!

Control instructions

  • WASD - Move
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • Mouse - Look around
  • Left-mouse button - Shoot
  • Right-mouse button - Aim
  • 1-7 - Weapon Hotkeys
  • R - Reload
  • F - Knife attack 1
  • Q - Knife attack 2
  • G - Throw a grenade

Zombie Shooter 3D's Features

Participate in the game's challenges. Even though you are alone, you will receive support from the game system. Zombie Shooter 3D provides players with many interesting features. Among them, the arsenal is the most prominent feature. You will always be equipped with advanced weapons to be able to destroy enemies at any time, such as grenades, pistols, rifles, long-range guns, grenade launchers, etc.

Besides, players should regularly pay attention to the mini-map during missions. This map will help you locate the zombies around you. Thanks, you can save time searching and taking down enemies.

An exciting action horror game like Zombie Shooter 3D deserves recognition from gamers. Give it a try and feedback! Also, if you like horror games, don't miss Five Nights At Freddy's.