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Strike Force Heroes - Introduction

Strike Force Heroes is an intense action game. Your military laboratory is under attack by enemies. Find a way to confront them and get out of danger!

When it comes to the most thrilling and exciting action games, it is impossible not to mention Strike Force Heroes. In the game, you are a doctor who was tasked to research and develop great inventions for the military. This time, when your formula was gradually completed, your laboratory was suddenly attacked by terrorists. They have a plot to capture and destroy you. Will you be okay?

Immerse Yourself in Strike Force Heroes

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Boom! Your laboratory has been attacked, and terrorists are breaking in everywhere. They are moving everywhere looking for you. Your mission is to escape from this dangerous place. Meanwhile, try to pick up weapons and ammunition to protect yourself. In case you encounter enemies, you can open fire immediately and defeat them. In addition, military forces will also send reinforcements to help you. Please accompany them and help each other to defeat all opponents.

The player uses the arrow keys to move and uses the mouse to shoot.

Tips and Tricks

  • Playing Strike Force Heroes, gamers need to upgrade and use more and more modern weapons so that their missions can be easily completed. Every day, enemies become more numerous and stronger.
  • In the laboratory, this occasionally appears ammo boxes and first aid kits. Collect them to heal and continue fighting.
  • The most important thing is to accompany your teammates and help each other.

You can play this game on Five Nights At Freddy's website. Along with that, we also have other exciting action games, especially Mighty Knight 2.